5 Healthy Steps to Help You Grieve a Loss

grief healing Sep 13, 2022
Grieve a loss

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5 Healthy Steps to Help You Grieve a Loss


When you lose someone or something you love, you experience grief. The pain causes unexpected emotions and deep sadness. Coping with a loss is one of the biggest challenges in life. However, as Grief Relief Ministries explains, it may help to set healthy goals for yourself to move you towards healing and provide comfort as you grieve.

  1. Start a Gratitude Journal

Remembering and being thankful for the good things in your life positively affects your sense of well-being and emotions. Keeping a gratitude journal can also lessen your feelings of hopelessness at this time in your life. In the journal, write down five things or activities for which you are thankful.

  1. Take Care of Your Physical Health

Mental health experts agree those who are grieving often neglect their physical health. So it's essential to focus on wellness basics to help you handle your grief. Be sure to keep taking your regular medications, even if you have to set an alarm reminder. Try your best to get enough sleep, and don't hesitate to nap during the day.

You may not have much appetite, so focus on eating small meals or snacks. Focusing on a well-balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, and lean proteins gives your body the nutrients it needs and helps you maintain energy.

Exercise can give you a healthy distraction from your grief. Take a walk or bike ride outside and observe what you see in nature. Yoga can help ease tense and tight muscles. A challenging workout or run may reduce your anger at your loss.

  1. Get Mental Health Support

Mental health support can help if you are overwhelmed by your grief. Grief counseling in a group setting is available in most cities. It often helps to regularly meet and talk with others who are also mourning a loss. 

If you prefer private sessions, you have the option to access mental health counseling online. Virtual appointments are secure and convenient and require less of a time commitment than in-person therapy. You also have a wider variety of licensed therapists to select from, and most offer a free initial consultation so you can find the right match. Virtual mental health care costs less than in-office sessions, and you save travel time too. 

As K9 Magazine points out, support animals are another wonderful way to cope with grief – and stress in general. This may be a great time to add a furry friend to your household. Pets offer unconditional love and understanding, and can be a wonderful support during the healing process and beyond. You might even want to rescue a pet from a shelter, ramping up the feel-goods from your decision. Before introducing a pet to your home, be sure to have it stocked with all the necessary products, including food, food and water dishes, a pet bed, and a training crate if necessary. And don’t forget about the toys! 

  1. Take a Weekend Getaway

Getting away from your day-to-day life can also help revitalize you when you are grieving. For example, Eterneva suggests taking a weekend getaway to a city you've always wanted to visit. Schedule in time to do some local activities or see some of the attractions. If you're a sports fan, take in a ballgame from one of the city's collegiate or professional teams.

  1. Avoid Any Major Life Changes

It is important to give yourself time to work through your loss and not try to stop your pain by making a sudden significant life change you could later regret. Give yourself a year before remarrying, moving, or changing jobs.

Following these five steps helps you handle your grief in a healthy way. Remember to value journaling, exercise, mental health support, the comfort of a pet, and simply taking a short getaway. They provide coping methods to give you comfort as you grieve.

Grief Relief Ministries is your source for resources and encouragement about how to be a better friend to someone who is experiencing loss. Contact us today to learn more!

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