grieving Oct 27, 2021

In his book WOUNDED TO WONDERFUL Dr. John Braland presents the possibilities of benefits one may experience from grieving well the various losses in life.

“Loss is unavoidable, and there is emotional cost to every loss.  The process of learning HOW to grieve takes work and transparency, and yet grieving can be very refreshing and beneficial.

  1.  Grieving creates a greater dependence on God. You are forced to admit that you cannot control everything.
  2.  Grieving helps you be more kind and compassionate to others who are hurting. When you truly allow yourself to feel the emotions pain causes, it makes it a lot easier to empathize and cry with others.
  3.  Grieving connects you with your emotions in an authentic way.
  4.  Grieving takes away any pretense you have about trying to be perfect. You don’t have to fake it anymore.
  5.  When you honestly admit that you are hurting, it opens the door for the healing process to begin.
  6.  Only after you authentically grieve loss will you be able to express authentic worship.

So the challenge in the grieving process is to move from loss to life.”

Want to learn how to be a better friend to someone experiencing loss?

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