grieving May 28, 2022

David Knapp


I've been asked before if men and women grieve differently.  Some 'say not really' where others say, 'yes'. 

Variants include personality, background, culture and experiences. However, to expect a man to mourn the loss of a close spouse exactly the same as a lady may be stretching things a bit.  Women tend to connect with the emotional side where men often process by rehearsing the facts.  Consequently, both men and women need to PROCESS their loss.

I was recently interviewed for a Widowers Only podcast.  Following is the link for you to listen to;  PODCAST 

My story as a widower is recorded as part of my book, I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY.  see link below. 

Want to learn how to be a better friend to someone experiencing loss?

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