Goal Setting During Grieving

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Image via Pexels


How You Can Create Healthy Goals During Times of Grief  By Camille Johnson, THE BEREAVER

Grief is an intense and confusing experience that can be difficult to navigate. It’s normal to want to take control and do something in order to feel in control. But in order to heal in a healthy way, it’s important not to try and over-control your life.

When you try and force yourself back to your old self too quickly, you risk putting yourself at a higher risk of relapse or depression. In this list of tips for grieving, Grief Relief Ministries looks at how to create healthy goals that will help you move forward during times of grief.

Set Practical Goals

The first step we’ll talk about is creating practical goals. If you’re in a period of grief, it’s important to keep your life as normal as possible and not overdo it. One way to do that is by identifying and then sticking with some practical goals.

Find a Hobby or Activity You Enjoy

Try to find ways to engage in the activities you used to love doing before your period of grief. Maybe you loved spending time outdoors or exercising. Whatever your hobbies are, try focusing on them. This will allow your mind to center on something other than your pain.

Implement It Every Day

If possible, make it a point to do something you enjoy each day. Moreover, make that goal your point of focus, and you will likely start to notice that you think less and less of how you’re feeling.

Let the Light In

It’s also important to consider your surroundings. Do you have your blind sand curtains closed in your home? Try opening them up and letting more light inside. This can do wonders for your mood.

Focus on Work or Start Your Own Business

If you’re self-employed, one goal might be to focus on running your business. If you don’t own your own business, you might consider doing so. There’s a great sense of accomplishment and joy in being your own boss.

If your own business sounds appealing to you, consider forming an LLC. There are many benefits to doing so, including saving you money on startup expenses. What’s more, an LLC is more tax-efficient than other business entities. For those who don’t want to hire an attorney to create an LLC, formation services are usually the more affordable route to go.

You’ll also enjoy greater flexibility and far less paperwork. Just keep in mind that each state has its own regulations and laws surrounding LLCs, so you’ll need to do some homework to make sure you comply with Arizona’s laws. (or your state)

How to Start an LLC

Here are five easy steps to help you understand how to form an LLC.

Step 1: Decide the basic information for your business

  • What is the name of your LLC?
  • Is your business a Corporation or Partnership?
  • Will you be filing as an S-Corp or C-Corp?
  • Which state are you forming in?

Step 2: Gather required documents for formation

Step 3: Consider whether to hire a lawyer or file online.

Step 4: Carefully review all of the necessary paperwork. This includes the Articles, Operating Agreement, and Certificate of Formation. Make sure that there are no typos or other errors on any of these documents.

Step 5: Sign all of the necessary forms and print them. Once they’ve been signed, make sure they are notarized.

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