Grief Journal Guide Available

grief suupport Mar 21, 2022
Grief Journal Guide

For most people the grieving process is an “uncharted waters” experience. Many welcome guidance along the way on how they are doing. When screaming won’t do and emotions roil, writing can become a helpful outlet.  But many a journal for thoughts while grieving lies mostly unused because blank lines appear intimidating when tears cloud the eyes and words won’t form.  This journal for grieving prompts the griever with quotes, thought and just enough space to explore what is beneath the surface.  Borne out of experience, some entries serve as a guide to consider what needs to be done next.  Other pages give room to record the little things one wants to remember forever.  Extra pages at the end of each section can be used for one’s own unprompted stream of consciousness journal or a continuation of thought from a previous entry.  The timeline of grieving derived from the book I Didn’t Know What to Say by David Knapp serves only as a guide and not a rule.  Ultimately, it is your own journey and experience that matters. This journal is geared for those grieving any loss. It can serve as a great gift to those you know who are mourning.


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