"Whether you have questions about grieving or you’re looking for a speaker or trainer for an event, I’d love to hear from you."                               - David



David Knapp enters your world softly, and with deep wisdom and emotion, he shares his story of loss & healing.


Ultimately, he walks beside you through the grief process to a renewed hope for the next season.

His journey of authenticity has not been easy.

He has loved and cared for not just one wife who died of cancer long before her time, but two wives. During that journey, he raised and blended two families of eight children.

You will learn that David carries no chip on his shoulder.

He has a love for family and a desire to share what he learned through the years.

David is not afraid of discussing the raw emotions, but gives equal time to wholeness and healing to help those grieving get to a better place.

As an accomplished public speaker and Bible college teacher, David is able to communicate with a wide audience to understand and process grief.

He is uniquely able to draw clearly from his own experiences of loss to explain the pain and process of grieving so those who have not walked that dark path can understand better how to walk that road with their loved ones.

Plan today to schedule an appointment with him to come serve your organization:

- Business groups
- Hospice staff and gatherings
- Church services
- Sunday School classes
- Grief recovery support groups
- Leadership seminars and retreats
- Leadership staff meetings
- Small group gatherings



David is available for either a seminar series or a one-time presentation. He will also do some personal consulting in conjunction with a speaking appointment as time would allow. Remuneration is on a donation basis plus expenses.