Grief & Mourning Resolved

The most comprehensive course for understanding grief & how to help someone process loss

Before I tell you all about this life-changing course, let's talk about who this is really for...


You care about people, and you've been in the awkward position of not knowing what to say to someone who is grieving a painful loss. You don't want to avoid them or say unhelpful things, but you aren't exactly sure how to help.

Whether you're...

  • A pastor, or leader in a church
  • Part of an organization that works with people
  • A counselor or other professional who wants to better understand the grief process
  • A friend of someone who is experiencing a loss right now
  • Someone who has experienced loss yourself and wants to understand it better so you can pass on the comfort you wish you had received

You're in the right place, and I'm going to tell you exactly how Grief & Mourning Resolved will give you the information and understanding to help the people you lead and love to walk through grief & loss better.

By the end of this digital program,

you will...


 ✔️  Be able to recognize the stages of grief that the person is going through

✔️  Know how to help someone process any kind of loss, including job, spouse, child, relationship, pet, etc.

✔️  Unlearn common myths about grief & loss

✔️  Understand what the Bible has to say about grief, mourning & loss

✔️  Have a clear understanding of what to say, and what NOT to say

✔️  Learn the timeline for how to help over the course of a year after their loss

✔️  Recognize abnormal grief from traumatic situations

✔️  Understand the way culture, gender, age and personality affect the person's grieving process

✔️  Be confident in your ability to offer real support & comfort to the person in pain

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Here's what's inside:


Module 1: Understanding the Grief Process

  • Common myths about grief
  • Debunking myths from Scripture
  • Understanding the basics of grief

Module 2: Understanding the Griever

  • What the Bible says about grief
  • 9 variables that affect grief
  • Avoidance = rejection
  • Practical suggestions for helping the griever

Module 3: How Gender & Culture Affect Grief

  • The 7 stages of grieving
  • Gender differences in grief
  • 3 basic patterns of grieving
  • How culture affects grief

Module 4: Understanding the Loss of a Spouse

  • The affects of grief stress
  • The 6 losses you face when your spouse dies
  • 7 variables that impact loss
  • Anticipated vs. unanticipated loss
  • How to lean into the grieving process

Module 5: How to Walk a Friend Through Grief

  • Helping someone process a loss
  • Keeping perspective
  • Personality types & grief
  • Why get involved in a person's grief?
  • Spiritual encouragement
  • The loss of a pet

Module 6: Children & Death

  • How to talk to kids about death
  • Helping a child grieve
  • When a parent grieves the loss of a child

Module 7: The Loss of a Job, Relationship or Divorce

  • Job loss
  • 16 negative effects of job loss & how to help
  • Loss of a relationship, including divorce

Module 8: Surviving Traumatic & Violent Loss

  • Abnormal grief
  • Traumatic & violent loss
  • Truth from Scripture

BONUS #1: How to Handle the Holidays After a Loss

  • Practical tips on how to handle the first set of holidays after enduring a loss

BONUS #2: Turning Loneliness into Godliness

  • This bonus will encourage your heart!
  • This is how Christ encouraged & prepared his disciples for the grief they would experience upon His death

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Grief & Mourning Resolved Today

I remember attending the sessions Dave gave on grief and loss. Even though I had not “lost” Jon after his motorcycle accident, I had the doctors in PNG tell me he was going to die. I was preparing for the worst. He survived, thanks be to God, but he lost his leg. And I’m not sure if people know but loss of a limb is another kind of grief you have to process. It’s a loss of function, a loss of the way life used to be, and a loss of identity. The grief stages are the same for the individual who has experienced limb loss, as well as for the spouse. 

I sought counseling after Jon lost his leg, and my counselor went over the stages of grief and I felt and went through them all, and Jon did as well in his own way. 

Dave did a great job of explaining what you are feeling and dealing with—it made me feel like I was not alone in the wide range of emotions you go through.

Shortly after me and my friend Melissa attended Dave’s workshop, Melissa, mother of 4 boys, lost her husband suddenly on a soccer field in PNG. Melissa and I both were struck with how God had orchestrated us both to be at the sessions on grief that helped us both maneuver through the hardest things we have ever faced in our lives. 

I’m thankful to have had the right resources from David’s courses to process what I went through and help Melissa to do the same.    ADIE LEEDAHL , missionary